Working Method

A virtuous path in seven steps

The working method of the agricultural company Cerro guarantees efficiency, solidity and punctuality. Once the agricultural products are collected at the various production sites, they are ready to be transformed and processed in a process that the company follows in seven steps.

1. Cleaning and cutting
This phase is typical of agricultural processing and in particular of horticultural processing. The produce is cleanedof unmarketable parts with a hulling operation and further processed by cutting off the parts not needed for use (roots, heads, inflorescences).
2. Washing
The products, as prepared in the previous step, can now be washed to remove any traces of soil or processing waste that may be present. This step does not apply to all produce, some of which do not require this step.
3. Sizing
Fruits and vegetables are sorted by weight, external colouring and size, to avoid placing on the market products with different ripeness, irregular shape or otherwise not in line with the company's strict standards.
4. Packaging
Depending on the product and the next commercial step, the processed materials are packaged in containers suitable for transport and marketing. The company is able to package the varieties according to different types of packaging, in order to meet customer requirements. The products are stacked on pallets, which allows them to be handled at a later date.
5. Storage
The finished product can be stored for periods of time that vary depending on the different kind of produce. To ensure this step, the company has a refrigerated storage centre with separate cells for the different products.
6. Quality control
Before being sent to the customer, the product undergoes quality control to ensure that quality standards are met.
7. Distribution
This is done through the use of external carriers specialised in the transport of agri-food products.

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