Our Method

Production Cycle

The Cerro method follows step by step the entire production cycle, integrating traditional and innovative methods in the name of what has always been its mission: to achieve the best possible quality while respecting the environment, with the sole aim of delivering to customers only what is grown on its own land. An objective pursued in the two phases that characterise the production cycle:

  • a strictly agricultural stage
  • our processing and transformation process
The first part is decisive. In fact, depending on the type of reference, a series of measures are taken to obtain the excellent raw materials that will then be processed and transformed in our facilities in Capaccio- Paestum.

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Five standard rules

Five standard rules apply to all types of product:



In general, extraordinary attention is paid to the raw materials, which form the basis of the entire production process.


Quality Check

Checking raw materials to ensure they can be used in the production process. This control is normally visual and is carried out both on the land, when the produce is harvested, and when it enters the warehouse.

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