Quality & Traceability


Cerro is committed on a daily basis to delivering excellent, healthy products with great organoleptic and nutritional qualities, grown exclusively on its own farmland. For this reason, cultivation techniques are used that are aimed at maximum respect for the environment, favouring the safest and most sustainable methods. Strict quality standards are achieved thanks to a precise control system, which allows preventive action to be taken against any agent that might interfere with the final quality of the product. The harvested product is promptly processed in the plant and checked before being shipped to the customer.

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Safety Made in Italy


The agricultural company Cerro operates an effective traceability system to ensure that transparent rules are applied. The aim is to safeguard the rights of the consumers, in particular the awareness of the origin of the food they buy. The products are labelled and identified in such a way as to favour traceability: a system that makes it possible to identify the product "from the field to the sale" and to reconstruct, thanks to the cultivating sheets, the history of the product. Traceability is an extremely complex system that cannot exist without a reliable operational model within the farm. The agricultural company Cerro has understood this well. In fact, it aims at a system capable of identifying the lot and the structures involved in the production and delivery of each individual product, defining the production flow (origin of raw materials and semi-finished products), packaging and distribution (destination of finished product lots).

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Product safety, transparency in production and processing methods, recognisability of origin, as well as organoleptic quality, are in fact elements of a product's distinctiveness that result in added value, an important competitive factor for the producer. In this way, the agricultural company Cerro aims at a supply chain that transmits to consumers in Italy and around the world the values of genuineness, safety, territoriality, which are typical of its production and represent the real added value of Made in Italy products.

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