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Cerro: an agricultural company led by women

The Cerro agricultural company, a farm completely led by women, has been a point of reference in the agricultural panorama of the Piana del Sele valley for several generations. Located in the province of Salerno, the company has nine different production units, starting from its headquarters in Capaccio-Paestum. The company has a total surface area of over 250 hectares dedicated to the production of fruits and vegetables. Its produce benefit from all the advanteges offered by the Piana del Sele valley, an area famous for its fertile soil and favourable climatic conditions.

The Cerro agricultural company has two large warehouses where the harvest is entrusted to state-of-the-art machinery and facilities: conditioning and packaging rooms, cold rooms and modern equipment with the aim of delivering safe products of guaranteed excellence to buyers. The strength of the Cerro agricultural company lies in the exclusive marketing of its produces, which are controlled at all stages of production. Professionalism, advances technology and experience make Cerro produce a product of excellence and competitive on national and international markets. The company is run by the Sorgente family. Founded as a fruit growing company, in 1980, with an avant-garde approach, it began growing vegetables in protected cultures through the construction of greenhouses which, still today, represent the focus of the company.

Nowadays in its third generation, the farm is run by the Sorgente sisters: a team made up of Irma, Francesca and Maria, respectively responsible for the administrative, production and commercial sectors of the company, who have learned from the advice of grandfather Mario and father Marino. Since 2004, the Cerro agricultural company has been part of the Terra Orti Consortium, an organisation of fruit and vegetable producers operating in the Piana del Sele valley, whose aim is to improve the quality of fruit and vegetable products through production techniques that respect environment and biodiversity.

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